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LG Tender Box
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Search Criteria

This search function allows you to locate tenders that match a set of criteria. When the search is initiated, it will return all tenders results that match all of the specified criteria. In other words, if a category and Council are specified, then the tender must meet both those criteria, as opposed to either of them.

Search Criteria
The table below lists the various search criteria. In this table, the "Wildcard" column indicates the value that will cause the specific criterion to be ignored.

Search Criterion Wildcard Possible Values Behaviour
Keywords [blank] Terms or phrases, optionally separated by "AND" or "OR" for complex searches Performs a full text search on the tender title, description and category description, using the specified terms.
Tender State Any A specific tender state Returns tenders in the specified state
Tender Type Any A specific type of tender Returns tenders of the specified type
Category Any A top level category Returns tenders with a category that is equal to the specified category, or is a descendent of the specified category
Issued by Any A tender issuing Council Returns tenders issued by the specified Council
Partial Tender Code [blank] Any sequence of numbers or letters Returns all tenders with a tender code that contains the specified character sequence
Opening date [blank] A start date, and optional end date Returns all tenders that open after the specified start and before the specified end date.
Closing date [blank] An end date, and optional start date Returns all tenders that close before the specified end date, and after the specified start date.

To perform a search, fill one or more of the search criteria and click Search for Tenders. After a short while, the search results page will appear with the tenders that meet the specified criteria.

When the search results are presented, they are grouped and ordered according to one the following options:

  • Ungrouped, ordered by closing date
  • Grouped by Agency, then ordered by closing date
  • Grouped by Category, then ordered by closing date